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Spotlight Initiative X Shenzhen Daily 

Embers&Ignited Hearts

About the competition

This year, the Spotlight Initiative works with the Shenzhen Daily; Together, we encourage the youth of our generation to cultivate valuable characteristics for being not just creative writers but also critical thinkers and social entrepreneurs: profound thought, logical thinking, depth of knowledge, critical analysis and persuasive language.


Our Essay Competition invites students to share their opinions about themes and questions we pose. Entering an essay in our competition can expand your researching skill by discovering unfamiliar topics and processing different sources, and at the same time refining your skills of argumentation. The general rules are quite straightforward. Participants are required to compose a concise piece of writing (500 words or fewer) in the style they wish (Editorials, Non-fiction, Fiction…) to share the writer’s point of view on the theme. 


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General Guidline



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Winning Articles 


All you need to do


   What is the meaning of "Embers&Ignited Hearts"?


 Embers&Ignited Hearts

"Embers" embodies the deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic; "ignited hearts" is inspired by Flaming Heart of St Augustine by Philippe de Champaigne, embodying the youth's pursuit of truth.


   What are the Entry Eligibilities?


Entry Eligibility and Submission Rules


Entry is open to students from any place and any school. We have two entry categories for this contest: :”middle school” and “high school.” All candidates must be 12th Grade(or 11th grade in public school) or lower. Candidates who are ages 10 - 14 can participate in the middle school category. Eligibility for each category is determined by age, and we will announce two sets of winners. Please submit via the student submission form.


   What does the rubric look like?











   What is the deadline for my submission?


Please note that the deadline for all submissions will be September 25th, 2020,11:59 p.m Beijing Time


   How long will it take to announce the winning articles?


The reviewing process will last for around 20 days


   What are the "Prizes”?


There are prizes for the Top five writings in each category. Each scholarship is worth ¥300, and the writings will be published (with the authors' permission) on the Shenzhen Daily. Winners’ work, photo, bio, and a follow-up interview will be published on Spotlight Initiative. The candidate who submits the best essay overall in each section will be awarded an honorary Shenzhen Daily Junior Fellowship, worth ¥500. Finalists may be eligible for a chance to work with Shenzhen Daily editors, as well as opportunities to become a Spotlight Initiative partner and editor. The author will retain copyright of the literary work with the understanding that Shenzhen Daily may publish at a later date in a printed anthology.


   How can I submit my writings?


You have to submit your writing via the link given down here, submission must be in docx or pdf form. Please rename the file in (name+"Title" form) e.g (Oscar"Reflection on Covid-19")


Please Submit via: Our Submission Page


You can also choose to submit your writing to, with the same naming format as required.

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