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Spotlight Initiative

Our story 

Spotlight Initiative is a student based community focusing on Youth Literature, Art and Society.

Spotlight Initiative aims to showcase the social entrepreneurial activities in and around Shenzhen, and to help educate and empower the next generation of social changers.


We seek for bright interpretation on obscure literature; we long for contextualized presence of unapproachable art and we encourage the youth to chase after every dream that seems so far-fetched because we believe the power of dream, and the power of youth. Therefore, we encourage you to “Always live young, and always glisten tears with joy”. 

聚光Spotlight Initiative是一个以高中生为主导的有关文学,艺术以及社会的青年社群.旨在鼓励眼熟的文学妙趣解读,晦涩的艺术简明具现,助力遥不可及的梦想付诸实现. “永远年轻,永远热泪盈眶.”不止箴言,更为情怀. 

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Man Reaching Star
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